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    1st Hole, Par 4, 394 Metres

    The toughest hole on the layout. Being an index one, it creates a challenge in the minds of golfers. The drive has to carry the huge monsoon drain in front. OB on the right and left. A well-positioned drive would help with the second shot. Most golfers should be three-on. The two tiered greens are fast and an average golfer would probably make 2 to 3 putts. Parring this hole is almost impossible.

    2nd Hole, Par 4, 369 Metres

    A straightforward par 4 with OB on the left and trees on the right. A well-positioned shot should be in the centre between the bunkers. Play a short approach as there is a ravine beyond the small green.

    3rd Hole, Par 4, 349 Metres

    A scenic hole. On a clear day golfers will be able to see the Genting Highlands Resort from the tee-box. It's OB on the left and jungle on the right. An ideal tee-shot would be some 200m in the centre next to the bunker. The approach is an uphill 120m to a slopy green protected by bunkers on the left and right.

    4th Hole, Par 3, 175 Metres

    A most challenging par 3. Golfers will have to tee-off from an elevated tee-box overlooking the green and the huge pond. A 5-7 iron should get golfers on the green safely.

    5th Hole, Par 5, 477 Metres

    An excellent birdie opportunity hole. The fairway however is quite flat and narrow with OB on the left and huge trees on the right. Lengthened fairway sees the green extended to the pond into a peninsular green.

    6th Hole, Par 3, 190 Metres

    A downhill par 3 with OB on the left. Most balls usually land well before the green. Look out for the bunkers in front and behind the green with water views

    7th Hole, Par 4, 329 Metres

    A breathtaking hole. Golfers are required to carry a deep ravine to the centre of the fairway. OB all along the left from tee to green. The approach is a long 150-metres uphill shot. The green is protected by bunkers on the left and right.

    8th Hole, Par 5, 529 Metres

    The longest par 5 on the layout. It's OB on the left and there's jungle on the right. It's a fairly flat and long fairway. A long hitter will be able to reach the green in three. Not an easy hole for the average golfer.

    9th Hole, Par 3, 179 Metres

    An uphill hole with a fast green on dry days. Watch out for the eight feet deep bunker in front of the green. Not an easy bunker in front of the green.

    10th Hole, Par 4, 425 Metres

    Often an underestimated hole. The straight and narrow fairway looks deceptively easy. However a wayward shot could land you into the valley on the left or OB on the right. The landing area at 187 metres is very narrow. An average golfer can only hope for a three-on here.

    11th Hole, Par 4, 354 Metres

    Another spectacularly scenic hole with an elevated tee-box. Avoid hitting to the left as the wild vegetation might just swallow your ball forever. A well-positioned tee-shot should help golfers with a good approach on the green. OB on the right off the green. Attack the green accurately.

    12th Hole, Par 5, 456 Metres

    The notorious double dogleg hole. The landing area (180m) for the first shot is very narrow, some 30m (width). On the left, there is a bunker while right the ravine is OB. The ball must be placed between the bunker and the ravine for a good second shot. A three-on is possible if the second shot is well-placed.

    13th Hole, Par 5, 519 Metres

    Uphill all the way from tee to green. The ravine on the right is OB. The pond in front of the tee-box can psyche a lot of golfers and the green is blind from the tee-box. The bunker on the right would trap your wayward tee-shot. A long hitter could land into the sand trap some 89 metres from the green on the second shot. The green only comes into view on the approac

    14th Hole, Par 4, 348 Metres

    Downhill all the way. Golfers must carry a 150m ravine to the landing area in the centre. Hazards on the right. Overshooting the approach is not advisable as there is a retaining wall behind the green, which is well-protected by bunkers in front.

    15th Hole, Par 3, 207 Metres

    A green well protected by four bunkers. The longest par 3 on the layout so a good tee-shot is imperative. Friendly green.

    16th Hole, Par 4, 352 Metres

    Another uphill hole with a narrow fairway. The fairway is flanked by jungle on the left and a ravine on the right with huge trees. Look out for the bunker some 200m from your first shot. The two-tiered green is pretty tricky.

    17th Hole, Par 3, 144 Metres

    The shortest par 3. Go for the green as on the right your ball may get lost and on the left is a long sand trap. The green is fairly long.

    18th Hole, Par 4, 354 Metres

    The trick is to place your ball near the bunker on the right some 200m from the tee as the trees on the left are quite intimidating. Golfers however tend to go too far right and land into the ravine on the right. A well-positioned shot near the bunker put you in a clear angle for the approach to the difficult three-tiered green.